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Pebble Brook School

Pebble Brook School


We were appointed by Buckinghamshire Council to explore options for replacing an existing two storey block at the rear of the school which was in poor condition.

Following completion of this study, the decision was taken to retain and extensively refurbish and adapt the existing block.

Our proposal involved the retention of the existing external walls and insertion of a new steel frame to replace the existing internal loadbearing walls. This feature allowed for large, open spaces internally instead of the small and cramped cellular spaces that the school had been required to teach in.

As part of the development of our proposals, we produced a comprehensive 3D model of the existing condition and proposals. To help with understanding the process, we then presented the model to the school in the form of a short video showing the transition from existing to proposed.

Work commenced on site in early 2020 and was completed later in the year.


I just want to say thank you for your help and input over the past few months in getting our refurbishment completed. It is amazing in comparison to what we have lived with over the past eight years and I know the students will love it when they move in next week.

Jackie Robson, Head of FED, Pebble Brook School.




What a fantastic job. You guys have done a brilliant job, as ever. How can the school not be completely knocked out with this great resource? Finishes and colours are spot on, great stair case and common room /kitchen are excellent. I am really impressed.

S. Nicholls, Project Officer, Buckinghamshire Council. 

Project Information

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

£1.3 m

Completed 2020


Full Multi-disciplinary services

Feasibility Study.

Concept Design.

Project Team Lead.

Stakeholder Engagement.
Planning Application.

Production Information


Contract Administration

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