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Gt Missenden C of E School


Contour were appointed to explore how the school could be expanded to accommodate an additional 2 KS2 classrooms, group rooms and associated support accommodation.

The proposals had to take into account complex planning issues as the school is situated within Green Belt and a conservation area. It is also adjacent to an established residential area of special character and a public amenity open space.


The preferred solution was to replace an inefficient 2 storey pavilion with complex internal levels with an infill 2 storey block which better linked changing site and building levels. The opportunity was taken to include a lift, strategically placed, to serve four different internal floor levels, thus solving pre-existing DDA inadequacies.


Accommodation provided:

  • 2 No KS2 classrooms

  • 2 No Group Rooms

  • ICT Classroom

  • WC accommodation

  • Office


Proposals were presented to parents and the local community at a public consultation and received unanimous support.


Planning permission was granted in early 2017.

Project Information

Gt Missenden, Buckinghamshire


£1 m

Completed 2018

Feasibility Study.
Concept Design.
Project Team Lead.
Stakeholder engagement.
Planning Application.


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